Podcast Services

The Broadcast Basement can now take your podcast ideas and make them come to life with high-quality production services. Our studio will clean up your recordings to create the same seamless sound that can be heard on our own podcasts! What if you don't have a studio? Use our studio! We also offer consulting services drawing upon over two decades of experience in the fields of terrestrial radio, media law and professional podcasting! 

Podcast Studio Recording

Record at our studio in Evergreen Park, IL.
Poducer on-site.
Cost: $75 per hour

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Audio Production

After recording in our studio or your own, we fix it all up and make it sound great for $1 per minute of audio. (Minimum $30)

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Podcast Consulting

Our team brings decades of experience in podcasting, broadcasting, radio programming, marketing, and legal services. Let us help you reach the next level.
Cost: $75 per hour

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Podcasting For A Living

All of our podcasting knowledge at your fingertips with this incredible podcast for podcasters.
Cost: $5.99 per month